Tender Opportunity

The AIM Housing Platform

Development of the AIM Housing platform and its integration with our existing data capture app will enable us to provide our clients with an end-to-end SAAS solution to support the digitisation of their housing stock.

Nationwide drones are offering a new concept of domestic house surveying capturing aerial and ground-based measurement data, panoramic imagery, and additional building details in a bespoke web-based app and online portal that currently process the data into a digital twin of the building.

  • Jobs page – A list of jobs that are assigned to the user or their branch depending on permissions. Has a list of filters down the side allowing them to filter the jobs list based on job data.
  • adding 3D drawings
  • 2D drawings
  • Data capture about the domestic property
  • Outputs technical survey reports.
    • Heat loss calculations of domestic dwelling – Technical surveys
    • External wall insulation – Technical surveys
    • Solar – Technical surveys


Development Roadmap

Our future roadmap of development will provide an interactive platform (AIM Housing) to host, manage, and maintain digital twin data specifically for the end user “social landlord” or “housing association”.

  • The app needs to be able to accept data through multiple API’s and display that data in a web-based customer facing platform.
  • There would need to be various levels of user management system Permissions that are authorised to view data.

The customer must be able to interact with the information about the domestic property and amend and or update Points of interest within IVION through an iframe. For example, this information could be:

  • Property Documentation
  • Tenant welfare
  • Health & safety, certification
    • Electrical certification
    • Gas Safe certification
    • Asbestos
    • Fire safety
    • Mould, damp monitoring
    • Maintenance and condition or repair monitoring of the dwelling
    • Disability adaptations to the property
  • The ability to add points of interest and take manual measurements from the digital twin through IVION.
  • Allow for large amount of data capture to facilitate providing.
    • EPC – Energy Performance Certificate.
    • RFA – Retro Fit Assessments.

That we can then put into a Jason file and lodge with an accreditation body, this would require a lot of Dynamic filtering on the data.

The data must be able to run reports or searches on the information and display it on a user-friendly dashboard.

  • An example of this could be the user could be the end user “social landlord” or “housing association” searching within their properties, how many of the “EICR” Electrical Installation Condition Reports expire in the next 6 months?
    • This would output 1,500 of the 12,000 properties do require another Electrical Installation Condition Report as they are going to expire over the next 6 months or have expired.

This tender award is subject to ERDF Grant Offer from CW Innovation Programme which will be part funded by the European Region Development Fund

​Nationwide Drones has designed a platform to host a digital twin of a property to enable the end user to access, annotate, and navigate around and inside the property remotely (avoiding the need for an in-person site visit). The platform provides a centralised data and document repository to support housing providers manage the asset, record and upload certificates and documents, accurately measure within the model, and assign points of interest. We predict that all social landlords in the UK will digitise their housing stock over the next decade.

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