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Nationwide Drones is the UK’s only consortium of professional drone operators, providing national coverage for all of your inspection, surveying and media needs.

Each of our pilot teams are selected and vetted based on their specific industry knowledge and experience. Delivered through our central management team, we guarantee consistent rates and high quality nationwide.

Recent Assignment:
Warwick Digitisation

We challenged ourselves to digitise Warwick town centre in less than 60 minutes. Yes, the whole town centre, from ground using a mobile laser solution and from air using an drone, in less than an hour.

Why? More and more clients are asking for more than just a digital twin of their asset…… they want streets and relationships with other buildings, they want BIM and renders for virtual tours, they want to inspect their buildings and roads and infrastructure remotely…… they want to showcase cutting edge technology…. They just want MORE! So, this video showcases the art of the possible, made possible.

Recent Assignment:
Islington Thermal & Visual

How do you appraise such a large site in a congested are of London with minimum disruption to residents? We flew state of the art drone sensors to create visual and thermal representations of how and where the properties were losing heat through their walls and roofs. Once analysed, a sample of properties were targeted for further investigation with a follow up visit from one of our energy expert surveyors.

We undertook 3D modelling, Retrofit Assessment, EPC and Heatloss Calculations to generate a holistic Whole House Retrofit appraisal for Islington BC with collaborators GreenSCIES E.ON E.ON UK Cullinan Studio.

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  • “Using innovative techniques, Mike and his team have developed a solution to detect fire barriers within high rise buildings, changing how we approach surveys and making the process much more efficient.” Martin Durkin, Director, Easton Bevins
  • “Collaborating with Nationwide Drones we were able to quickly identify potential risks to our clients students and visitors well in advance. Their team always respond rapidly to our needs whilst practising safe operations.” Nick Bell, Nick Bell Risk
  • “Working with the Nationwide Drones management team, we’re able to harvest vast amounts of accurate and current data on our clients assets no matter where they’re located. Saving both us time, and our clients money.” Sarah Davis, Technical Director, WSP

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