Thermal BREEAM Survey

A Thermal BREEAM survey is a specialised assessment method that uses thermal imaging technology to evaluate buildings for compliance with the standards set by BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method). BREEAM is a widely recognised and respected certification scheme that measures the sustainability performance of buildings across various criteria, including energy efficiency, environmental impact, and occupant comfort.

During a BREEAM survey, thermal imaging technology is employed to capture detailed thermal images of the building envelope, interior spaces, and other relevant areas. These thermal images reveal temperature variations that can indicate energy inefficiencies, insulation deficiencies, air leaks, and other factors affecting the building’s thermal performance.

By analysing the thermal images obtained through the survey, experts can identify specific areas where improvements can be made to enhance the building’s energy efficiency and overall sustainability. This comprehensive evaluation of the building’s thermal characteristics helps stakeholders understand its current performance and prioritise measures for improvement.

Achieving BREEAM certification requires meeting specific sustainability targets and performance criteria. By addressing energy inefficiencies and implementing sustainable design strategies identified through the survey, building owners and developers can improve their chances of achieving BREEAM certification and earning additional points in the assessment process.

This type of survey serves as a powerful tool for promoting energy efficiency, reducing environmental impact, and enhancing the overall sustainability of buildings. By leveraging thermal imaging technology and expert analysis, stakeholders can make informed decisions to optimise building performance and contribute to a more sustainable built environment.


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