The Challenge


How are Peabody’s property stock performing in Potters Bar area? We looked at 100 properties, over 4 phases.

Install Temperature and Humidity Sensors into the properties in the following places – Loft – Ground Front – Ground Read – First Floor Front – First Floor Rear and left them in for 1 week.

Captures photos that have full coverage of every elevation of the 100 properties, while the sensors are inside of the properties, capture visual images during the day and Thermal images during the night.

Nationwide Drones response

  • Initiating our standard protocol for drone surveys, we immediately delved into meticulous pre-flight planning and obtain Permissions prior to take off. 
  • Flight Restriction Zone – some of the properties were withing the FRZ of Elstree Airfield and we obtained their permissions prior to flying there.
  • NOTAM – submitted to 
  • Landowner consent – Provided by Peabody the property owners.  
  • Police Notification – its standard practise for NWD to make the police aware of our activities prior to flying. 
  • Captured drone area mapping containing visual images of every property during the day.
  • Captured drone area mapping containing thermal images of every property during the early hours of the night.
  • Installed U-Value kits to 30% of the properties to measure the actual U-Value of the external walls.
  • Took a close-up ground bases thermal image of the front elevation, to see in higher detail and highlight areas of interest that require further investigation. (This could be uninsulated sections of wall or wet areas of wall for example)
  • Installed 5 temperature and humidity sensors to each house in the following places – loft – ground front – ground rear – first floor front – first floor rear and left them in for 1 week.
  • This provides the actual indoor temperature, so Kestrix can work their magic and review the Thermal drone data against the actual indoor temperature at the time the Thermal Photo was taken.


Professional service, friendly interactions, and quality outputs. We have been very satisfied with our experiences working with Nationwide and are very excited to work together on future projects!

Lucy Lyons

CEO, Kestrix

Project Deliverables

Minimal disruption to Residents – we made 2x 10 minute appointments to install equipment and 1 week later collect the equipment. 
• Install the temperature and humidity sensors x5
• U-Value kit to an external wall
• Inform Residents when we would be flying the drones and taking a picture of their house at night. 
Area Mapping Visual
Area Mapping Thermal
A Report for each property that had a U-value kit installed, that contained an actual U-value result of how the external wall is performing.
A Thermal picture of the Front Elevation in higher detail from close range to highlight areas of interest for investigation. 

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