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The Challenge

Providing Comprehensive Roofing Insights across 129 buildings in Dundee, Scotland

Our client’s imperative was clear: they needed an accurate and current assessment of numerous roofs spanning low-rise blocks of flats throughout Dundee, Scotland. Both visual and precise dimensional data were pivotal, forming a crucial component of their roofing program.

Nationwide Drones Response

  • Initiating our standard protocol for drone surveys, we immediately delved into meticulous pre-flight planning. This revealed that many of the properties lay within flight restriction zones. Following communication with Dundee Air Traffic Control and outlining our flight operations, we secured permission for the planned flights.
  • Leveraging desktop planning tools, we meticulously charted out flight missions, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Systematically, we captured high-resolution visual data, meticulously referencing each capture to its precise location and orientation
  • Complementing visual data, we crafted detailed site maps, furnishing our client with the most current site perspectives and facilitating precise measurements.
  • Post-flight, the data underwent rigorous processing, culminating in the conversion of outputs into AutoCAD drawings for each of the 129 buildings. This ensured seamless access to accurate dimensional data, empowering our client with comprehensive insights.

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