Remote Sensing & Land Contamination

Remote Sensing & Land Contamination Remote Sensing & Land Contamination Surveys Multiple remote sensing payloads Identify a variety of contamination and hidden features or structures Mapped accurately against topographical surveys The Benefits of working with...

Ecology Surveys

Ecology Surveys Aerial Ecology Surveys Nationwide Remote sensing across the spectrum of ecological applications Infrared surveillance of fauna movements Multispectral remote sensing for land classification Hyperspectral sensing for vegetation species classification...

Topographical Surveys

Topographical Surveys Drone Topographical Surveys Small and medium scale mapping Minimal access requirements Combined photogrammetry, aerial lidar and terrestrial surveys High resolution orthomosaic reference maps Surveys carried out by experienced land surveyors Data...

Insulation Continuity Surveys

Insulation Continuity Surveys Aerial Insulation Continuity Survey Services High resolution, high sensitivity IR sensors Expert thermographer analysis and report compilation Highlight otherwise invisible latent defects Full building envelope with combined aerial and...

As Built Measured Surveys

As-Built Measured Surveys As-Built Measured Surveys Accurate as-built 3d models and drawings High resolution, photo-realistic 3d models for reference High resolution visual media, orientated to model Combined aerial and terrestrial scanning Combined photogrammetry and...

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