Moisture Mapping

Moisture Mapping Moisture Mapping Surveys Expert thermographer analysis and report compilation High resolution, high sensitivity IR sensors Identify and map the extent of  trapped moisture and damaged insulation Quantify extent of damage for remedial works The...

Reality Capture

Drone Reality Capture Aerial Reality Capture Mobile scanning combined terrestrial and aerial Simultaneous geometric and visual capture Interactive, online data management platform enabling interrogation, comments and annotation Consolidate communication with other...

Inspections at Height

Inspections at Height Inspections at Height Services Safe access at height Rapid deployment nationwide 4k video recording and high resolutions stills Remote monitoring on site or live streaming to remote locations The Benefits of working with Nationwide Drones No...

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Drone Quality Assurance  Rapid deployment nationwide Independently captured, time stamped footage Remote live streaming Multiple stakeholder  Stills and/or video recorded Thermal survey QA to verify workmanship The Benefits of working with Nationwide...

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